Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mark Vidlak Masonry

I'm Mark and welcome to my passion - Rock Art. Follow these links to see some of the things I've created for customers over the years. I love any medium - cultured stone, river rock, long as it fits together with mud and looks good...count me in.


  1. Mark, This is a great page! I've added it to my facebook profile too! YOU "ROCK"!

  2. When my wife and I decided to build an outdoor barbeque, we began by asking friends, "Who’s the best mason man and why?" Mark Vidlak's name was repeated by everyone. When I asked Mark to come over to the house, it was quickly apparent why. His attention to detail exemplified his professionalism, experience, and knowledge that surpassed our expectations.

    The final product is an aesthetically pleasing, yet very practical barbeque that is the focal point of our property. Mark was able to match stone with previous used stone in our home’s interior. Several of his suggestions enhanced our vision. For example; his idea to put Pennsylvania Blue Stone added color and strength to our bbq while saving money.

    Since being built, we have used the bbq to host several outdoor get-togethers. Not surprising, several friends have asked Mark for similar work at their house. I strongly recommend Mark Vidlak for any masonry work you wish to add to your property.

  3. We moved in to our house in December of 2008. We have a wonderful view of the city and mountains of West Grants Pass and were thrilled to have a large outdoor space. We have always loved spending time outside and had built a small fire pit at our old house. After watching a lot of HGTV, we spoke to Mark about designing an outdoor fireplace that would be the centerpiece of our patio.
    Mark took the time to visit with us, show us photos from his previous work, magazines and even encouraged us to talk to previous clients.
    We were working with a 1949 house and patio and didn't want to create a modern fireplace that would clash with the view. Mark has so much experience with a variety of materials that he was able to design some possibilities for us to choose from that were unique and would fit our natural esthetic.
    Our fireplace is one of the favorite parts of our house. People drive by and comment on it from the street: Mark had added brick accents to match our original patio on the back. It is 360 degrees of beauty. We were so pleased and were spending so much time in the evenings outside, we decided to have Mark create a matching outdoor barbecue. After using it this last weekend, we are looking forward to wrapping the last of our large planter to finish our creation.
    Mark is a creative and professional artist in masonry. We have nothing but appreciation for his work.

  4. Mark,

    I like your blog page and we will link to it from your listing at

    You might like to join our Rumford fireplace facebook group at

    Jim Buckley

  5. wooooo vidlak your the best teacher ever!!!!!!!!

  6. hi mark ,nice rock surprised. i wish someday i can hv a house in Grants Pass,designed with those kind of rock n brick.
    hendri wong.